Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Leftovers

Hello Friends,
Left over pictures and videos are presented below for your enjoyment and review.  I wanted to send much, much thanks to the band and all friends and family for an unforgettable year.  The music and experiences produced by this band and our traveling circus have become some of my most cherished memories. I, for one am extremely grateful to have these folks around to share in those experiences. Here's hoping your 2013 is happy, healthy, and abundant with Whales of various tempos.
Fuck your ass, 
2012 Leftovers
Side Street
Bachelor Party Jam

Bachelor Party Injury

 Harvest Party


No Can Do.

 Dom's First Show! Beans and Pasta strictly prohibited
 Block Party
 Hot Coco 5k 


Outer Space

 Arch Street

All the left over videos newly added to the arguyves:

Cry (Harvest Party)
The Lady (Harvest Party)
Irene (Arch Street)
Holy Ghost (Arch Street)
Third Personality (Arch Street)
I Can't Go For That (Arch Street)
The Lady (Arch Street)
Wave to the Future (Hot Coco 5k)
Shadowboy (Outer Space)
Drive (Outer Space)
Shame (Arch Street)
Holy Ghost (Arch Street)
Demon Theory (Arch Street)

Happy New Year to all! See you in 2013!


  1. The March show at Side Street was a personal fav. To be back in an old QU haunt jamming out to Surfer Dave & the boys was a gem I won't soon forget. Some requests for 2013: please have the the soup of the day listed behind the band more often (we ALL love a cuppa corn chowder; what else ya got?), consider reviving classic covers ("Such Great Heights") and new ones (ANYTHING by Built to Spill) and never, ever play anything off the album "Bad Company," by the band "Bad Company," particularly the song "Bad Company." Guy Malone, you make the rockin' world go 'round. Thank you! cp, thank you!

  2. the pleasure is all on this side of the table. I guess January's "cover me!" should be a BTS song? Made-up dreams? Big Dipper?

    1. Yea, but I'll bet BC would have some space to work in "Goin' Against Your Mind" too.