Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sail On: A Retrospective

2016: The Leftovers
Season's Greetings!

Music is important to people. Just ask this guy:

The music found all over these dusty internet pages is important to me. I love every minute of it, and I'm grateful I am able to share those minutes with my friends and family. 
Presenting this year's leftover media:
1/6/2016 Pies

1/22/16 Continental Room

2/3/16 Pies

2/7/16 Firefly Hollow Brewery

2/13/16 Triple Play

4/13/16 Pies

6/3/16 Shamrock

8/3/16 Pies

8/15/16 CTA in Westerly, RI

8/19/16 Side Street

9/3/16 CTA at Infinity Hall

11/22/16 Hot Coco 5k

11/23/16 Pies

12/10 Capricorn at Shamrock

The Cruess Tapes:

Happy New Year!
::Thumbs Up Meme::