Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Everything's Fine: A Retrospective

Leftover pictures and videos from this year are presented below for your enjoyment. Two years ago I took upon myself the hobby of helping everyone piece together the nights we don't always remember so well.  Many may disagree, but I hold steadfast to the idea that the majority of these moments should not be left "in the ether", but rather should be remembered and relived at any moments notice. 
As always, I send much, much appreciation to the bands and folks always along for the ride. My best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014!

2013 Leftovers

Studio 1/27

Triple Play 2/16

3/9 Shamrock Debut

 3/22 Blackstone

4/13 Arch Street

9/7 Chili Fest

9/21 So Long Summer Fest

                                                             9/27 Shamrock

11/9 Shamrock


11/23 Hot Coco 5k

Duck Helmet

Uncle Sonny

12/27 Shamrock

New videos added to the arguyves:

Of course, my award for best jam of the year goes to 9/27/2013 Burn from The Shamrock

Thumbs Up, 2013!