Saturday, September 19, 2015

B.L.O. Me

"This place really used to be something before electricity"
-Dave, 9/18/2015

After a 10 year absence, Nick Biello returned for a one night stand with his old GM cohorts in the East End. The quartet dusted off a few oldies with little rehearsal, played a setlist with rarities abound, and the crowd was treated to one of the more entertaining set break performances in recent years. I was enjoying myself too much to experience this show while staring at a camera, but I was able to grab video of a scorching, 15-minute "Geppetto's Lament". Strap in and enjoy!

McFairlawn's, Waterbury, CT

Set 1
Situation Nominal
Shadowboy (1)
Alibi (2) 
Elephants on Parade (3)
Geppetto's Lament (4)
On the Run>

Set 2
I Can't Go For That> (5)
Lion's Mane (6)
Unsane (7)
So Far Gone
Spook the Pigeons (8)

Show Notes
(1) Last time played 3/10/2012
(2) LTP 7/19/2013, contained "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (Pink Floyd) tease
(3) LTP 1/10/2015
(4) LTP unknown, circa 2005
(5) Jim on lead vocals, contained "Funky Town" (LIPPS INC) tease
(6) LTP 4/30/2011
(7) LTP unknown, circa 2005
(8) LTP 9/24/2011

Thumbs Up, Guy Malone!