Thursday, November 28, 2013

Listen to the Latest Slander

The ever-improving Uncle Sonny and Lazy Way Out brought the heat to Waterbury last night for some pre-game Turkey Day festivities.  Between the smoking, improv-heavy "Don't Stop Lover" and a some fun debut covers, this was a nice prep for the inevitable turkey butt that will ensue later on tonight.  Check out some videos below!

"Don't Stop Lover"

"With a Little Help from My Friends"

"Pump It Up"

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tear It Down and Build It Up

"Thank You, Guy Malone!"
-Announcer after every song, 11/23/2013
The tradition continues...

Hot Coco 5k Road Race, Cheshire, CT

My Way Gone
On Your Way Down
Baba O' Riley (1)
Everything's Fine
Will of the Working Man
Wave to the Future
Slow Burn>
Tush (2)
Eye to Eye
The Impression

Show Notes
(1) Contained ending section to "Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" (The Rolling Stones)
(2) Alternate lyrics "Take me to Cheshire"

This was the 5th annual Hot Coco 5k road race. No bass fires were reported at this show.

Thumbs Up, Guy Malone!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meat Castle

"Play the fuck out of your instruments"
-Voice in crowd, 11/15/2013

The newly minted "Duck Helmet" continued their residency at The Turf Friday night. Check out a few highlights below. They'll be back for more on Thanksgiving Eve, 11/27- be sure to come on out.

The Turf, Waterbury, CT

Fairies Wear Boots>
On the Run
Off the Record
Crosseyed & Painless>
Where is My Mind?
Black or White (1)
Sabotage (2)

Show Notes
* First time played, original
(1) Contained "Split Open and Melt" (Phish) jam
(2) Played by fan request, featuring Erik on vocals

Opened for Fight the Fear. Bass fire=negative.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Promise, Everything's Fine.

"And they said we'd never make it"
- BC 11/9/2013

In the midst of our daily trials and tribulations, it's important to remember that with a little endurance, at end of the day, everything is fine.  With a little courage, try to remember that everything is fine. With some confidence, know that EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Sometimes it takes a power trio to remind us of these things.

My apologies for all the positive chatter, but as GM played tonight, I sincerely had a "look to the cookie" moment:

Time and time again, this band never fails to bring a group of people together and help us remember the things we truly value- the company of our friends (and "Whale" jams). I'm pretty fucking thankful for that periodic reminder.

 End rant.

The Shamrock, Waterbury, CT

Set 1
Psycho Killer>
Better Than Before>
Easy Tiger
Wave to the Future
On the Run>
Happy Birthday Paula
Everything's Fine*
Against Me>
Eye to Eye

Set 2
Third Personality>
Got a Grip> (1)
I Can't Go For That (1) (2) (3)
Helter Skelter (4)
Already Gone*>
Baba O' Riley>
Maneater (1) (2)
Chameleon (1) (5)
Whale (Slow)>
Ooh Child>
Whale (Slow)
So Far Gone>
The Impression

Show Notes
*First time played
(1) Featuring Josh Bruneau on Trumpet
(2) Featuring Jim C on lead vocals
(3) Contained "In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt)" (Edvard Greig) tease
(4) Featuring Bill C on lead vocals
(5) Contained "Wolfman's Brother" (Phish) tease
"Everything's Fine" and "Already Gone" were debuted. No bass fires were reported at this show.

All dick sucking bullshit aside, the following jams are supremely badass and should stay in your rotation for quite a while. If you don't agree, we don't have much in common and you should stop reading my blog.
Chameleon (with Josh Bruneau)

Whale> Rant> Ooh Child

Baba O' Riley

Rock on, Guy Malone!

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