Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Wasn't Leaving Anyway: A Retrospective

It's hard to believe I first saw this band in 2002.  They had an odd name, used virtually no vocals, and covered the theme song to "Home Improvement". And I was into it. If you had told me then that a decade later I would be writing sentences like "Strap on your ramble tits" on a public forum, I just might have believed you.  
Flash forward 12 years and the name stuck. Song lyrics now involve a PGA golfer's dick, Ted Danson, and telling hurricanes to fuck off.  The cover song list has expanded to "Hosanna in the Highest" and "American Ladders and Scaffolds". That, my friends, is called evolution.  I'll raise my glass to 2015 and hope it's as good as the last 12 years have been. Much appreciation to the bands for everything!
Some extra presents below for all to enjoy. Sending peace and love to everyone this holiday season. Happy New Year!

2014 Leftovers! 

Bravo, 2014!