Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fuck! Suck!

"This Place is a Mess..."
-Untitled New Song

Check out the links below to see a few videos from last night's show at Triple Play.
Third Personality


Triple Play, Watertown, CT

Set 1
Saturday Night Something>
Let’s Go To Bed
Elephants on Parade>
Tush (1)
So Far Gone (2)
Third Personality>
John’s Camera> (3)
Demon Theory
Sticks and Stones
Ophelia (4)
Lost on Me>
Saturday Night Something

Set 2
Long Way Home> (5)
Situation Nominal>
Will of the Working Man>
Wave to the Future>
Electrify Me>
Mookie Wilson> (6)
Better Than Before
Burn (7)
Show Notes
(1) With added lyrics, “Lord, take me to Triple Play...”
(2) With added lyrics, “Although I’m sure I had a conversation with High Register Sean"
(3) With added lyrics, "While everyone was watching UCONN basketball..."
(4) Featuring "Dancing Dick" on lead vocals
(5) Contained "Situation Nominal" and untitled new song teases
(6) Substituted lyrics "Gary Carter" for "Mookie Wilson"
(7) Played by fan request. Featured several "Fuck! Suck!" references and a "Happy Birthday Vicky" tease.
No bass fires were reported at this show.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

From the Arguyves: Put the Gasoline Away, the Fire's Over Here...

"I don't wanna fucking clusterfuck the show"
-Brett, 8/12/2006

Click the link below to download Guy Malone's latest addition to Featuring 11 covers, 5 debuts, and bass bombs galore, this show is a must have.

Set 1
Victim of Circumstance>
Elephants on Parade>
Let’s Go To Bed
Fixing a Hole>
Situation Nominal>
Long Way Home>
Movie Star
Perfect Shade of Blue
War Pigs
On Your Way Down
Omega Man*^ (1)
Lost on Me>
Saturday Night Something(2)

Set 2
Day After>
John’s Camera
Slow Burn (3)
You’re the Sun
Birds of a Feather*
Baby Bitch Banter
Third Personality>
Pick it up
Baby Bitch*
I’m on Fire^>
Electrify Me> (4)
Hagman (5)

Show Notes
*First time played
^Featuring Bill Calabrese on lead vocals
(1) “Omega Man” was dedicated to Jerry
(2) “Saturday Night Something” was cut from the recording.
(3) “Slow Burn” was preceded by an attempt at “Bananas and Blow” (Ween), which was quickly aborted. It contained a “Theme from Mission: Impossible” (Lalo Schifrin) tease.
(4) With added lyrics, “His name was John Patrick, he called himself Jake, but everyone knew him as Yarny”
(5) “Hagman” was dedicated to John Connelly. The recording was cut.
This show featured the debuts of “Omega Man” (The Police), “Candyman” (The Grateful Dead), “Birds of a Feather” (Phish), “Baby Bitch” (Ween), and “Breed” (Nirvana).