Sunday, February 17, 2013

All-Star Saturday

"You are all against me."

The first show of 2013 featured a band that has fully realized the breadth of their vast song catalog.  GM treated fans to a ton of bust-outs that kept us on our toes like a midget at a urinal.  We can only hope that the band will continue the trend of breathing new life into old favorites- it will certainly make for some exciting setlists and playing.  It was quite gratifying to see songs like "Little Bit of Soul", "Bloodshot and Blue", and "Tell My Muse" dusted off.  The start of "Big Ol' World" had myself and others looking like this:

Triple Play, Watertown, CT

Set 1
Happy Birthday Kim
Lost on Me
Little Bit of Soul
Psycho Killer
Fire (1)
Wave to the Future
Against Me*>
Irene> (2)
Will of the Working Man>
The Impression

Set 2
Burn> (3)
On Your Way Down
Baba O' Riley (4)
Whipping Post> (1)
Holy Ghost>
Bloodshot and Blue>
Tell My Muse>
Better Than Before
Big Ol' World>
Whale (Slow)
Where We Bleed (Hey La)

Show Notes
*First Time Played
(1) Featuring Bill on lead vocals
(2) Contained "Geppetto's Lament" tease
(3) Contained "Desert Rose" (Sting) tease
(4) Contained the ending section to "Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" (The Rolling Stones)

This show featured the debut of "Against Me".  No bass fires were reported at this show.

Thumbs up, Guy Malone!

Monday, February 04, 2013