Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Simple Plan of Salvation

"Best shame ever. You're welcome"
-BC, 1/10/2015

The first show of 2015 is going to be hard to top. Playing two storefronts down from the old "CP Greenmore's" (the site of my first GM show), the band was feeling saucy and nostalgic; they treated the crowd to a thoughtful, playful, and well executed 2 sets of tunes (some of which have been on the shelf for quite a while).  After listening back to Shame, 95er>elephants and WYCH?  I can confidently say that this show will stay in my steady rotation for quite a while. It was simply a blast, and I'm really happy to share some of the highlights with my friends.

Set 1
On Your Way Down
Psycho Killer
Tell My Muse
95er> (1)
Elephants on Parade>(2)
Will of the Working Man>
On the Run> (3)
Tush (4)
Lost on Me>
Saturday Night Something
The Lady
Sticks and Stones (5)
Easy Tiger

Set 2
Won't You Come Home?
Too Much (6)
Bring it on Home
John's Camera
Theme to "Home Improvement" (7)
Holy Ghost
Character Zero
Third Personality

Show Notes
(1) Last played 4/9/2011
(2) Son of Dad shoutout
(3) Complete version
(4)"Take me to the Marquee"
(5)Played for Mikey
(6) Featuring Matt C on bass and Isaac on lead vocals
(7) Last played 11/20/2010
Debut show at the Marquee. No bass fires were reported at this show.