Sunday, September 23, 2012

Connecticut Transit Authority

"Ain't nobody else covering that song"
-Bill after "Mother"

9/22/2012 Bar 2421, Berlin, CT

"I'm a Man"
"Make Me Smile/Free"
"In the Country"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guy Malone on Soundcloud

Check the links to the right to view GM's new Soundcloud page.  It currently features a few smash hits already in your rotation, but I'll be sure to periodically add some choice rarities-starting with this 2002 acoustic demo of Brett doing "Harry Hood" by the Phish from Vermont.  An impressive note for note rendition likely recorded using a radioshack computer microphone.

Monday, September 17, 2012

From the Arguyves: The Imperial March

Jake: "Stop fucking with my microphone, McGovern"
McGovern: "Fuck you!"

Another beer soaked Saturday night in downtown Waterbury. Click the blue text to listen or download.

Set 1
Don't Bring Me Down
Dig a Pony
Lost on Me>
Tush (1)
Electrify Me>
Dark and Down*>
Slow Burn>
Pipe Dream>
Jump Up
Such Great Heights (2)
Elephants on Parade> (3)
Saturday Night Something

Set 2
Burn (4)
Eye to Eye
Psycho killer>(5)
Oye Como Va>
Psycho Killer
Hagman* (6)
So Far Gone
On Your Way Down
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window>
Golden Slumbers>
Carry That Weight>
The End

Show Notes
* First time played
(1) Played by fan request
(2) Featured "The Imperial March"and "Star Wars Main theme" (John Williams) teases
(3) Bill on lead vocals
(4) Contained ending section to "Johns Camera"
(5) Contained "Oye Como Va" (Santana) teases
(6) Introduced as "When Will my Time Come"

This show featured the debuts of "Dark and Down" (Trey Anastasio) and "Hagman".