Monday, January 30, 2012

From the Arguyves: This is Heavy, Doc.

Step into the DeLorean and check out the links below to download Guy Malone's newest addition to and bandcamp.

4/18/2002 The Elbow Room, New York, NY
Elephants on Parade>
G String
B.L.O. Me
Lion's Mane
Show Notes
This show featured Nick Biello on keyboards/sax and Geoff Vidal on sax


Monday, January 23, 2012

Guy Malone on Bandcamp

Check out Guy Malone's BANDCAMP page to download the 9/24/2011 "Spook the Pigeons" set from Freight St. A tasty treat for the start of the work week. Please link to your facebook accounts.

"Live at Freight St." Tracklisting:
1. Sticks and Stones
2. Drive
3. Spook the Pigeons
4. The Lady
5. Won't You Come Home?
6. John's Camera
7. Shadowboy
8. Super Capacity>Draggin' Me Down
9. Fine Day
10. Better Than Before
11. Shame
12. The Er

Monday, January 09, 2012

How Does Your Asshole Feel?

"Can I get a little more feedback in my monitor?"

-Dave, 11/26/2011

Click the link below to download Guy Malone's latest addition to

Guy Malone - 11/26/2011 The Red Door, Watertown, CT

Guy Malone


The Red Door, Watertown, CT

Set 1

Pity with a Vengeance>


Movie Star>

Will of the Working Man*

Perfect Shade of Blue(1)


Slow Burn>


Better than Before

The Lady


Set 2

Baba O’ Riley>

Demon Theory>

Easy Tiger

Tomorrow Never Knows (2)>

Fire (2)

Whipping Post (2)

The Er (3)

You’re the Sun

Holy Ghost

The Impression

Show Notes

*First Time Played

(1) “Perfect Shade of Blue” was dedicated to Melissa.

(2) “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Lennon/McCartney), “Fire” (Hendrix), and “Whipping Post” (Allman Bros. Band) featured Bill Calabrese on lead vocals.

(3) “The Er” contained the ending section to “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?” (The Rolling Stones)

“Will of the Working Man” was debuted. No bass fires were reported at this show.