Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Booze Wagon Rides Again

"Why wouldn't you stick it in every hole?
-Brett, 4/13/2013

The booze wagon truly brings out the best in all of us. Last night at Arch Street, the first set was marked by some of the strongest playing and improv I've seen from GM in quite a while.  The "Burn" video embedded below pretty much speaks for itself- it's a pretty damn good snapshot of what the rest of the night looked like. It's filled with some ferocious playing that left the girls in the crowd looking like this:

To put it simply, the following video is 13 minutes of pure insanity. Strap in and enjoy.

On the Run

My Way Gone

Shame> Taxman

Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT

Set 1
Demon Theory>
Helter Skelter>
Demon Theory
Easy Tiger
Burn (1)
Without a Trace
Psycho Killer>(2) 
Will of the Working Man>
On the Run> (3)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond>
Mookie Wilson> (4) 
Against Me

Set 2
I Only Have Eyes For You(5)>
Band Introduction(5)>
I Can't Go For That(5)>
So Far Gone (6) 
My Way Gone> (7) 
Down By the River> (8)
Ooh Child

Show Notes
*First time played
(1) Played by fan request. Unfinished
(2) Contained a "Hot For Teacher" (Van Halen) tease
(3) Complete version
(4) Contained "Star Wars Main Theme" (John Williams) and "Mood For a Day" (Yes) teases
(5) Featuring Jim on lead vocals
(6) Contained lyrics "I drank a bottle of Maker's Mark"
(7) Contained "Who Knows" (Jimi Hendrix) tease
(8) Contained "Day Tripper" (The Beatles) tease

This show features the debut of "Taxman" (The Beatles).  Eurisko opened.  A bass fire was reported during the Eurisko set at approximately 10:03 pm.

Bravo, Guy Malone. Bravo.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013