Sunday, May 11, 2014

Guy Malone! Reggae!

"Sing The Weight. Feel The Weight. Fuck the Weight."
-BC, 5/10/2014

Saturday night's Shamrock performance showcased a band that can switch gears from virtuoso power trio to beer-soaked karaoke band at the drop of a hat.  Some examples of the former can be heard below. I wish I could have recorded "Bloodshot and Blue" but I was too busy doing this:

 We ARE Guy Malone.

The Shamrock, Waterbury, CT

Lost on Me>
So Far Gone (1)
Third Personality>
Tell My Muse
Bloodshot and Blue>
Wave to the Future>
Baba O' Riley(2)
Lollipop(3) >
Stir it Up>
On the Run>
Tush (4)
Will of the Working Man>
China Cat Sunflower> (5)
I Know You Rider (5)
The Weight (6)
Birds of a Feather

Show Notes

(1) altered lyrics "Dom doesn't like fire"
(2) contained "John's Camera" tease, ending to "Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" (The Rolling Stones
(3) dedicated to Darren
(4) altered lyrics "take me to shamrock"
(5) featured Rich on lead vocals, last played 8/5/2011
(6) featured Rich, Teddy and Erik on vocals

Shared bill with Lazy Way Out, no bass fires reported.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Long Way From Home

"I wore the wrong fuckin shoes again"
-Jake 5/8/2014

We ARE Guy Malone.

BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT

Better Than Before
Everything's Fine
Third Personality>
Burn> (1)
Tell My Muse
The Lady
The Impression

Show Notes
(1) unfinished
Band debut at BRYAC. Opened for Primate Fiasco. No bass fires were reported at this show.