Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meat Castle

"Play the fuck out of your instruments"
-Voice in crowd, 11/15/2013

The newly minted "Duck Helmet" continued their residency at The Turf Friday night. Check out a few highlights below. They'll be back for more on Thanksgiving Eve, 11/27- be sure to come on out.

The Turf, Waterbury, CT

Fairies Wear Boots>
On the Run
Off the Record
Crosseyed & Painless>
Where is My Mind?
Black or White (1)
Sabotage (2)

Show Notes
* First time played, original
(1) Contained "Split Open and Melt" (Phish) jam
(2) Played by fan request, featuring Erik on vocals

Opened for Fight the Fear. Bass fire=negative.

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