Monday, May 30, 2016

The Hope of This Land

"These Guys are World Class"
-Bill, 5/25/16

Pies & Pints
Middlebury, CT

 Set 1
On The Run (1)>
One Way Out (2)
Whipping Post (2)
With a Little Help from my Friends (2)
Cut off Your Hands
She Came in Through the Bathroom>
Golden Slumbers>
Carry That Weight
The End
Carry On* (3)
Fire (4)
He's Gone

Set 2
Soul to Squeeze(5)
Under the Bridge (5)
Birds of a Feather (6)
Frankenstein (6)

Show Notes
*first time played
(1) complete version
(2) featuring Bill "El Guapo" Calabrese on lead vocals
(3) debut, The Samples
(4) Matt C on bass
(5) incomplete
(6) contained "Mission:Impossible" and "Happy Birthday" teases

Again, a HUGE thanks to Cruess for picking up the slack in my absence. Here's the man in his natural habitat:

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