Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ghosts of California

-BC, 3/22/2014

Saturday night brought GM back to home turf for more of the the family style jams we've grown to know and love. Playing for a packed house of friends and loved ones, the band treated the crowd to some top notch playing in my personal faves "Everything's Fine" and "Althea"(vids below).  The main event included the highly anticipated debut of CAPRICORN, the Allman Brothers tribute consisting of all GM and Almost Ancient members. Video highlights from that set are forthcoming.
Can't say enough how much I appreciate sharing experiences like these with close friends and fam; I hope I'm not alone there. My immense gratitude for helping create memories better than sunshine, better than moonshine, and damn sure better than rain.

The Shamrock, Waterbury, CT

Demon Theory
Easy Tiger
Everything's Fine
Wave to the Future

Show Notes
Shared bill with Almost Ancient and Capricorn. No bass fires were reported at this show.



  1. Many thanks to cp, GM, AA, Capricorn, Allman Bros, Dio, Sea Hag and the entire Brass City music community for making this a warm & fuzzy experience. What are the details about the booze wagon show @ Arch St. next week?


  2. Deets are - $20-25 (depending on attendance) for a ride. Leaving from commuter lot near the mall at aprx 7:30 pm. All paying customers will receive a advance 4 song demo of the upcoming album. More 'rock solid' deets to follow, I'll have cbone get in touch.

    1. Entirely too bummed I missed the Arch St. show; thanks for the reply though. Gotta cop a bootie of that 4-pc. demo at some point. In the meantime ("Spacehog" plea), more and more Cracker/Camper van Beethoven (plea) please!