Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your Crystal Ball Ain't So Crystal Clear

"I don't sing that shit. You Sing it."
-BC, to bartender's frequent "Wonderwall" requests

The artists formally known as "The Foreskins" unleashed a bevy of choice cover songs on the Brass City Wednesday night and taught us all one very valuable lesson: learning to play Oasis and Gotye songs will undoubtedly get you laid.
Highlights include the MJ classic "Black or White" (Aunt Dor's personal fav), Matty's vocal debut on "Sabotage", "Down Rodeo" (video below) and some solid jamming in "Moma Dance">"Tomorrow Never Knows" (also below). Did this band just cover Ray Lamontagne and The Butthole Surfers in the same set?
Isaac, Brett, Matt
The Turf, Waterbury, CT

Set 1
On Your Way Down
Loving Cup
Somebody That I Used to Know (1)
Black or White (2)
Down Rodeo
Where is My Mind?

Set 2
Down by the River>
Helter Skelter>
War Pigs>
The Moma Dance>
Tomorrow Never Knows> (3)
Manic Depression
Wonderwall (1)
Up on Cripple Creek
Sabotage (4)

Set 3
Wonderwall (1)
Somebody That I Used to Know (1)
Psycho Killer>
Mellow Mood

Show Notes
(1) Played by bartender request; unfinished
(2) Contained a "Split Open and Melt" jam
(3) Contained a "The Moma Dance" tease
(4) Matty's vocal debut
The Moma Dance>
Tomorrow Never Knows
Down Rodeo

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