Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From the Arguyves: Forever in Jean Shorts

"We are a non-profit organization"
-Jake, 7/3/2005

This month's release takes us to the east end of Waterbury for some Independence Day jams.  Pictures from this show depict a band with less gray hair and a few pounds lighter, but sounds equally as thunderous as you're used to.  Featuring a few welcomed rarities ("Fire in your Eyes", "The Avenue", "Such Great Heights") and the best damn Bono look-alike I've ever seen ("The Unforgettable Fire" opened, see below), this one should keep your head bobbing through the rest of the summer.

 Click the blue text below for the archive download and enjoy.

Elephants on Parade>
Let's Go to Bed>
Long Way Home>
Lollipop (1)
Slow Burn
Fire In Your Eyes
Electrify Me (2)
Don't bring me down
Psycho Killer
So Far Gone (3)
Pipe Dream>
Saturday Night Something>
Victim of Circumstance
Such Great Heights (2)
The Avenue
Dig a Pony> (4)
She Came In Through the Bathroom Window>
Golden Slumbers>
Carry That Weight>
The End
Lost on Me (5)

Show Notes
(1) Played for Garrett. Brett: "Don't we all wanna lick Garrett like a lollipop?  Jake: "Especially in those jean shorts, baby."
(2) Played by fan request
(3) Contained lyrics "I'm in a summer state of mind"
(4) Cut, not included in recording
(5) Band offered free CDs to those who signed the band's mailing list. Jake: "We are a non-profit organization"

This show featured Dave Las on percussion throughout.  The Unforgettable Fire opened.

That's Bono telling you that the RAMBLE is only 2 weeks away!

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  1. Pipe Dream, Such Great Heights AND the Abbey Road Medley?!? Where the hell WAS I that night?!

    P.S. Are there credentials needed for entry into the upcoming Ramble, because I think I'm actually able to attend. No bullshit.