Friday, April 27, 2012

We Lost a Lot of Good Men That Day

"I lost my virginity to this song"
-Chris Modeen, during "Black Hole Sun"

We received word that the "head bouncer" from the last Boru's show had since resigned from his post.  Coincidentally, no noise complaints were voiced last night.  Fuck his ass, indeed.

Video from Thursday Night:

Brett Calabrese
Boru's, Waterbury, CT

Set 1
Into the Great Wide Open*>
Twisted> (1)
Somebody I Used To Know*>
Message in a Bottle>
The Continuing Story of Bungalo Bill*>
Hot for Teacher> (2)
Black Hole Sun>
Mad World>
Mood for a Day>
Ooh Child>
On This Day> (3)
Cities (4)

Set 2
Kielbasa*> (5)
Down by the River> (6)
The Needle and the Damage Done
Fall Too Fast
Mother Nature's Son*
Up on Cripple Creek>
Working Class Hero*
Baby Girl* (7)
Whipping Post

Set 3
Mike's Song*> (8)
Mary Jane's Last Dance*> (9)
Legalize It> (10)
Weekapaug Groove*

Show Notes
*First Time Played  (Acoustic)
(1) "Twisted" (The Wood Brothers) featured an "On the Run" tease
(2) "Hot for Teacher" (Van Halen) featured a "Peter Gunn Theme" tease
(3) "On this Day" facts: Death of John Wilkes Booth (1865), A Rolling Stones concert in London, Ontario is shut down by police after 15 minutes due to rioting (1965), Chernobyl meltdown (1986), Births: Muhammad (570), Gary Wright (1943) ("Dream Weaver" tease played), Kevin James (1965) ("King of Queens" Theme teased), Deaths: Lucille Ball (1989).
(4) "Cities" (Talking Heads) with lyrics "Did I forget to mention Waterbury? Home of Boru's and all you crazy fucks" and "it's only the Naugatuck River"
(5) "Kielbasa" (Tenacious D) featured "Frankenstein" (Edgar Winter Group), "On the Run", "Unsane" and "Blackbird" (The Beatles) teases
(6) "Down By the River" (Neil Young) featured a "Home Improvement Theme" (Dan Foliart) tease
(7) "Baby Girl" (Anthony Green) featured Chris Modeen on vocals
(8) "Mike's Song" (Phish) featured a "Theme from Mission: Impossible" (Lalo Schifrin)
(9) "Mary Jane's Last Dance" (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) was played by fan request
(10) "Legalize It" (Peter Tosh) featured a "China Cat Sunflower" (The Grateful Dead) tease

This show featured the acoustic debuts of "Into the Great Wide Open" (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), "Somebody I Used to Know" (Gotye), "The Continuing Story of Bungalo Bill" (The Beatles), "Kielbasa" (Tenacious D), "Mother Nature's Son" (The Beatles), "Working Class Hero" (John Lennon), "Baby Girl" (Anthony Green), "Mike's Song" (Phish), "Mary Jane's Last Dance" (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), and "Weekapaug Groove" (Phish).  The third set featured Matt Calabrese on bass.  No bass fires were reported at this show.


  1. But where there any bass fires reported?

  2. i really slept on that one. Show notes have been amended. While there was a faint odor, no actual bass fires were reported at this show. My sincere apologies.