Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Afraid You're Just Too Darn Loud

"I cried the day you died"
-Modeen, "Olivia"

Dumpster trampolines. Riding bikes with rollerblades on your feet. Guy Malone. Each are staples of life in Waterbury, CT.

Click the links below to check out videos from Thursday night's show

Guy Malone and Friends
Boru's, Waterbury, CT

Brett Calabrese - Solo Acoustic
Children in Bloom>
Time To Pretend*
Mood for a Day*
She Said, She Said*>
The First Time*
Twisted (1)

Brett Calabrese, Matt Calabrese, Isaac Civitello
Dumpster Trampoline Jam>
Psycho Killer

Isaac Civitello, Chris Modeen
Setlist Unknown

Brett Calabrese, Chris Modeen

John Atkins, Brett Calabrese, Isaac Civitello
Electrify Me (Slow) (2)

Guy Malone
Shame (3)
Will of the Working Man>
Birds of a Feather
Demon Theory (4)

Fine Day (5)

Show Notes:
*First Time Played (acoustic)

(1) "Twisted" featured "Unsane" and "Frankenstein" (Edgar Winter Group) teases.
(2)"Electrify Me" featured the ending section to "Cry".
(3) "Shame"featured several "Time To Pretend" (MGMT) teases.
(4) "Demon Theory" featured a "Situation Nominal" tease.
(5) "Fine Day" was played by fan request.

This show featured the acoustic debuts of "Time To Pretend" (MGMT), "Mood For a Day" (Yes), "She Said, She Said" (The Beatles) and "The First Time". No bass fires were reported at this show.


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  1. Can't keep missing these Thursday shows. MGMT & Beatles acoustic premiers? Really hoping to make it to every Guy Alone this summer *cough*shows?*cough*

    P.S. It's not perfect, but this is the best I could do on short notice. You're welcome, Raw fans: