Saturday, March 23, 2013

California, Rest In Peace

"Forget me not"
-Uncle Sonny, "Long Way to the Sun"

The new partnership of GM and Uncle Sonny came out on Friday to serve up plenty of jams family style throughout the night.  These family jam nights always bring a loose, laid back, "anything goes" feel (more than usual) to the crowd while still having those moments (re: Althea) that leave attendees looking like this:
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Blackstone, Southington, CT

Set 1
Movie Star>
Wave to the Future>
Holy Ghost
Baba O' Riley (1) 

Set 2
Whipping Post> (2)
Against Me
Psycho Killer> (3)
Lollipop> (3)
Where We Bleed (3)
Demon Theory (4)
Easy Tiger
Althea (5)

Set 3
Whale (Slow)> (6)
Rant> (6)
Ooh Child> (6)
Whale (Slow)> (6)
Whale Ending Jam>
On the Run>
Shine On You Crazy Diamond>
Tell My Muse
John's Camera
Let's Go To Bed (4)

Show Notes
(1) Contained ending section to "Burn"
(2) Featuring Bill on lead vocals
(3) Featuring Mike M. on keyboards
(4) Mid-song, Matt took over on guitar, Brett switched to keyboards
(5) Played by fan request
(6) Featuring Matt on guitar and Mike M. on keyboards

This show was Guy Malone's debut at Blackstone.  The band shared the bill with Uncle Sonny.  No bass fires were reported at this show.  

Demon Theory


Psycho Killer

Uncle Sonny - One Big Holiday
Thumbs Up, Guy Malone!


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  1. Love the Merc & Brett action on keys. Tickle those ivories, fellas. Aptly titled post, RIP RJO; can't believe it's been this long.